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Russian Ark
February 09 2017 11:11 PM
Sustained time under tension is the goal here as we use frequent switching of hands and muscle groups to prevent excessive fatigue to allow you to keep moving, round after round. Use the overhead lockout and the rack position as your chance
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Fast, Cheap & Out Of Control
February 06 2017 12:27 AM
An advanced workout, best done in an environment where dropping the bell is okay, this workout is going to ask you to deliver on all cylinders! Develop all of your basic skill and even the not so basic ones to perfection before attemptin
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The Bends
February 06 2017 12:21 AM
This is a relatively short flexibility session, using couple of variations of moving under the weight lifts with a goal of improving flexibility in your hips, back and shoulders. Use this as a fantastic way to progress your bent presses and
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Three Comrades
February 06 2017 12:17 AM
Base building at it’s finest. This workout is all about learning to use resistance in a slow and controlled manner to build the technique, flexibility and overall strength that will allow you to progress into power phase kettlebell traini
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The Stick Up
February 06 2017 12:14 AM
This is a workout/warmup that could also be used as a way to stretch out and loosen up sore muscles on in-between days. The only piece of equipment you will need is a stick, between 4’6” and 5’ long, depending on your height and arm l
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The Dogs Of War
February 03 2017 08:08 PM
Weight selection is everything as you prep for this workout. If you go too light, you won’t be using the proper muscles, learning the best technique and pushing yourself towards optimal results. If you go too heavy, you will gas out with
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Cry "Havoc"
February 03 2017 08:00 PM
Start with your non-dominant hand 10 x One hand Swing 5 x Clean 5 x Rack squat 5 x Military Press 5 x Overhead Lunge 5 x  Figure 8 to static hold (switching hands) Repeat on other side, put the bell down and rest between rounds.
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The Pickup Artist
February 02 2017 04:54 AM
In this workout we will stick to strength phase, controlled movements and lifts using a single kettlebell. With the slower pace of each individual lift, we are going to keep the movement constant with no breaks built-in. The variation of mo
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