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My name is Peter Hirsh, founder of Kettlebell Movement, the most reliable and complete online provider of high quality kettlebell and functional training videos for people of all fitness levels to use anywhere.

Applying my extensive health and fitness knowledge I started Kettlebell Movement with one purpose; to help others become more inspired and healthy. 

I know there is not a shortage of kettlebell videos on the internet today but we also know it is extremely hard to find somebody teaching you the right form that will get you real results without injury. I aim to provide you with not only the proper instruction but also the structure to provide you the results you want and the community to keep you going.

An art form as intricate as kettlebell and strong person can only be taught appropriately when the content comes from a reliable source, it also has to be organized and follow logical progressions that allow the user to make decisions based on what they know and feel. It must be approached with great respect and regard not just for the practice, but also for the individual taking part. From this understanding, I created the Kettlebell Gym, a place filled with online workout videos, a weekly schedule that will set you up for success and the community there to support you. Start your free trial today and we will see you there!