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Why Weight Train? Confessions From a Kettlebell Master

Every January countless people flock to gyms in pursuit of their New Year’s goals. They cause havoc on the weight room floor, make queues for cardio and fill up the group classes you used to have to yourself. Every gym rat has seen it year in and year out, and by the time March arrives […]

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Achieving Your Goals In The New Year

The hardest part about making changes in your lifestyle with a goal of weight loss or improved health is that it often seems like the results you achieve are not equal to the effort you are putting forth. I have often written and spoken about how important it is to train for your goal, and […]

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Posture Up! Part III

Tight or overactive glutes are a very common problem that can result in postural deviations that cause extreme pain in every part of your back and neck, hips, knees and feet. It is incredible how dysfunction in a single area can cause so many reactions throughout the body, but as you will see, all of […]

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Posture Up! Part II

Tight hip flexors are one of the most common problems that people face when it comes to posture. Hip flexors are the muscles in front of your body that originate on your pelvis and insert on your femur, some of them even continue down past the knee and insert on the tibia. The hip flexors […]

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Posture Up! Part I

In my experience, the number one issue that people struggle with when it comes to reaching their goals concerning the functional ability of their own body is posture. Postural imbalances are joints in your body that are not displacing stress properly because they are out of alignment. One muscle or muscle group is usually either […]

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Hand Care + Kettlebell Training

In our free challenge we are running this month, November Train, this question came up and I thought I would address since it’s a very common one. Hand care is something that every kettlebell practitioner will have to think about at some point, and most of you already have. Swings, cleans and snatches can rub […]

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My Lessons From 6 Weeks Abroad

I have just come back from a tour of Europe with my wife and son. When we set out on our journey six weeks ago, it was summer, and now Autumn is in full force. This is actually one of my favorite times of year and I made a butternut squash soup to celebrate being […]

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DEBUNKED: Calories in, Calories Out

I began teaching exercise and nutrition over thirteen years ago. At the time, the scientific dogma for weight loss and even weight gain was calories in vs. calories out, aka CICO. There has always been a lot of differing opinions on the subject of weight management, most of them pseudo-scientific and often based on a […]

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Caution: 10,000 swing challenge

I started seeing this challenge being posted a few months ago, but never paid much attention to it because it didn’t seem all that common until recently, I have started seeing it pop up more and more so I thought I would dash on over to take a look at the rules because hey, I’m […]

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