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What is your metabolic type?

  Many people look to exercise for weight loss, which is reasonable, because it can help. In my experience, however, of all of the benefits of exercise, weight loss is pretty far down the list, as it only goes so far. For real results, if you wish to see your body change, you must change your […]

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How to test your core

In this video, I show you how to test your core function using a simple piece of string as a feedback tool. Here, I will show you the three ways the string will respond to movement and what they all mean. If you are lacking the ability to stabilize your spine through normal, bodyweight movements, […]

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Prevent wrist bruising during the Kettlebell Clean & Snatch

Hello! In this video, I show you guys some simple techniques that can help you to avoid banging and eventual bruising of the wrists when you perform the clean and snatch. This can be a real problem for people at first and can often prevent people from continuing their practice. Don’t let this stop you […]

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Hand Care + Kettlebell Training

In our free challenge we are running this month, November Train, this question came up and I thought I would address since it’s a very common one. Hand care is something that every kettlebell practitioner will have to think about at some point, and most of you already have. Swings, cleans and snatches can rub […]

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The Kettlebell Order

Kettlebell training isn’t easy. Not only is it physically very demanding, but it also requires a great deal of body awareness that is usually only achieved through many months or years of practice. If you have a history in dance, martial arts or other skilled physical activity you will take to kettlebell training much more […]

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What is Kettlebell Training?

It’s interesting how certain activities can gather momentum and develop a unique culture and infamy. Kettlebell training is no different and is a prime example of how people can make something bigger than it is by turning it into a new belief system, complete with disciples and followers. When this happens, invariably, a rift will […]

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Discipline Vs. Motivation

I have been teaching health to people for over twelve years both one on one and in groups and in that time I have gained some very valuable experience. I think that some of the most significant experiences I have had in my career are those that I would never have expected to be so […]

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