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30 Day Kettlebell RX Program

Discover the ultimate prescription for optimal health and looking better naked with this intense 30 day program.  Includes: over 40 fat burning, high intensity videos, a metabolic typing test to determine what type of foods are best for you, a 30 RX Cookbook with delicious recipes, a guide for obtaining optimal health and a bonus swing challenge. Buy Now $59.99 

Skype Sessions

Skype Sessions with Peter Hirsh

What’s better than getting personalized workouts from master trainer Peter Hirsh in your own home? Work with Peter in 60 minute sessions to help meet your nutrition, fitness and weight loss goals.  These Skype sessions can help you improve your form, learn about a diet regimen that’s best for you, or create individualized workouts guaranteed to help you become the healthiest version of you possible. Click here to purchase.


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Guide to the Perfect Turkish Get Up Ebook

The biggest limiting factor people encounter in strength training is flexibility. The turkish getup will not only create amazing flexibility, it will create unity that will carry over to every other lift and the real world. This ebook will teach you how to master the infamous turkish get up and provides you with a bonus workout incorporating the incredible exercise.
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Kettlebell Swing Ebook

The kettlebell swing is the most complete functional exercise out there. For calorie burning, back strengthening and insane conditioning, the kettlebell swing is all inclusive. Peter’s ebook will teach you every detail you need to know to master the kettlebell swing. Includes a bonus fat burning workout.
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Whole Body Fitness: 29 Body Weighted Workouts

An ebook with 29 body weighted exercise and a bonus workout plan anyone can follow. Your body is the best work tool you could use to get in shape. No equipment needed with these exercises that are guaranteed to provide you excellent results and infinite variety in your workouts.
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Official Kettlebell Movement T-Shirts

Kettlebell Movement Shirt


30 Day Gut Healing Kit

If you are you working on healing your gut, our 30 Day Gut Healing Kit is the perfect supplement to an anti-inflammatory diet such as Paleo, GAPS, SCD, SIBO, Body Ecology, etc.  Click here to get your kit today!


Kettlebell Kings

Kettlebell Kings offers a variety of durable cast iron, competition, rubber coated, adjustable, and powder coated kettlebells, ranging from 5lbs. to 108lbs.  Click here to shop.

Pete’s Paleo Delivered Nationwide

Pete’s Paleo caters to a wide array of customers from athletes to folks looking to lose weight—but the common denominator is that their customers all have the desire to nourish their bodies with healthy food, without spending all day in the kitchen.  Yes, I want Pete’s Paleo delivered to my doorstep!