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Rest in Pieces
June 05 2018 11:18 PM
Level One Equipment Needed: One Plyometric box, or a small step. This is a very nice and easy work-in, that will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on your day. It is a great session for a new practitioner that wishes to get st
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Warmup #4
May 14 2018 12:56 AM
Chi Swings windmill 10 x squat 10 x back lunge with hands overhead per leg 10 x squat thrust to plank
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Warmup #1
April 24 2018 01:07 AM
Shoulder rotation Double S Back to front stepping lunge Prone alternating single arm Prone alternating single arm, single leg
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The Rookie
April 05 2018 10:56 AM
Two hand swings x 20 Pushups x 10 X2 One hand swings x 10 each Pushups x 10 X2 Alternating swings x 10 each Pushups x 10 X2  
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The Hundred Foot Journey
April 04 2018 12:56 PM
This workout will make you feel loosened up and ready for your day. An energizing session of balance and coordination based exercises that will get your mind tuned in to your body. 10 x per leg kick stretch 10 x per leg Back step
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Love is a ball
February 09 2018 10:16 PM
This is an easy going head to toe stretching session using the swiss ball. In this workout, I am using a medium-small anti burst swiss ball which I highly reccomend that everyone add to their home gym, if you don’t have one already!
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February 09 2018 10:04 PM
This workout is no joke. Using a bend, squat, lunge and step-up to punish the legs before finishing the round with upper body lifting to give them a short break. Consistency is the key as you grind your way through this workout that you won
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High Tension
February 03 2018 08:38 PM
We will switch things up pretty consistently in this workout, and utilize some time under tension to increase the muscle fatigue through some otherwise high endurance types of lifts. Break consistently for short periods and try to move thro
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