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Ten Pack
January 26 2018 08:31 PM
Ten reps of seven different kettlebell exercises give this workout a lot of variety and therefore, it will go by quickly. Pace yourself early on, we will be using a lot of leg strength today and that can have a tendency to drive the heartr
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Stable Mates
January 26 2018 08:20 PM
This is a session of flexibility and core stability, without a lot of the heart pounding and muscle burning that comes with a lot of kettlebell training. Perhaps that’s because today, we aren’t using a kettlebell at all! Just a few move
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Five Below
January 26 2018 08:12 PM
This is a variation of the traditional push/pull routine that has become a classic and has been taught in various ways by almost every kettlebell master. The Turkish Get-Up, combined with the power-phase hip hinge lifts that kettlebells are
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January 26 2018 08:08 PM
From the world of Girevoy sport, the ten minute snatch is one of the most grueling events in the world of athletic competition. I sometimes thinks that girevoy sport practitioners are kept secluded, as a secret from the rest of society beca
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Get Shorty
January 26 2018 04:40 PM
This will be a quick workout, the primary intent being to energize and refresh, not fail or fatigue. Use this as an active rest day when  you need a break from training but know that some light movement will do you some good.  
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January 24 2018 12:22 PM
This workout is a classic and I have filmed it a few times over the years because it is just so relevent and, well just plain awesome. Super simple, all encompassing and too legit to quit, have fun with triple X.  10 x  Two Han
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January 23 2018 11:00 PM
===<CAUTION>=== This workout is extremely difficult. You may want to just move on to another video. If you dare to push play, check your ego at the intro and don’t be afraid to pause or stop at anytime. Good luck. Warmup: 10
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Strength In Numbers
January 22 2018 03:21 AM
This workout is mostly about leg strength and endurance, with a set of pushups thrown in to keep the pace without reaching muscle failure in the third round. The deadlifts and lunges are all about range of motion so they might make you more
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