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May 16 2016 04:23 AM
We are going to stick to strength phase exercises in this workout, which means we will be working on slower, more controlled movements and building a solid foundation for advancing your kettlebell training. Kettlebells are known to be excel
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One, Two, Three
May 09 2016 04:34 AM
This workout is quite a lot of fun and I wouldn’t just say that :) It has some very nice progressions using chains of three exercises that get more and more complicated as you go through the workout. Through a series of five rounds, you w
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The Final Countdown
May 09 2016 04:28 AM
This workout is all about building strength using three very different lifts that will allow us to keep moving when muscle fatigue sets in by switching things up. In addition to a med-heavy kettlebell, you will need to have access to a pull
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The Illusionist
May 02 2016 04:01 AM
This workout is a faster pace, higher rep workout that is all about getting it done in a short time with maximum results, make sure you are warmed up before you begin, you will only need a single, medium weight bell. We will be using a big
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Strong Medicine
May 02 2016 03:52 AM
This is one of this slower, more time consuming workouts that is all about building strength with total focus on each move and lower reps to accommodate heavier weights. When using heavy weight, I tend to keep things pretty simple and work
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Loose Change
April 25 2016 04:02 AM
This workout was intended as a recovery workout based upon a medium pace of exercises that require very little (if any) added resistance. While I stand firm and will add this to the recovery section, understand that based upon the nature of
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Purple Rain
April 25 2016 03:56 AM
The challenge in this workout will come from many various things, we will be using a lot of legs which will drain your energy while demanding you keep focus on such things as good form, balance and breathing. This workout is best done with
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April 17 2016 05:56 PM
This is a fast paced workout that really demonstrates how versatile the kettlebell can be, as we build strength, flexibility and cardio all at once while keeping some serious concentration on our body and what we’re doing. This workout is
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