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⃞ Footloose ⃞
March 06 2016 09:11 PM
This is a feel good recovery workout that will make you feel loosened up but also quite strong and grounded, at least thats how I felt after I filmed it :) This workout six rounds of bodyweight movements, the first four use no equipment at
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Fast & Furious
March 06 2016 09:01 PM
Nothing fancy here, just grinding through the basics like a machine. This is kettlebell training at it’s best, maxing out your muscles, lungs and willpower in twenty minutes and getting it done. In this workout, I use a medium-heavy bell
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Karate Kid
March 06 2016 06:55 PM
This one is all about developing flexibility and core strength with a continually elevated heart rate. The movements in this workout are probably new to your body which means you may struggle with flexibility or technique just a bit and wil
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The Punisher
February 27 2016 06:20 PM
This workout will build strength, flexibility and endurance as I take you through eight variations of the squat, with some upper body lifting added in for variety. For this workout I will be using a kettlebell, a barbell and also a resistan
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The Usual Suspects
February 27 2016 06:15 PM
In this workout we go through a wide variety of basics and beyond at a medium-fast pace to get our nervous system activated and our blood pumping. I am using three different weighted kettlebells for this workout, so get ready to bring more
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February 15 2016 06:01 AM
This is a great routine for a recovery day, you won’t be pushing your body very hard and when you do, it is mostly working range of motion. With a recovery day like this you will be able to increase flexibility and enhance your lifting te
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Functional Warm Up
January 31 2016 01:54 AM
This is about a ten  minute warmup that will get your shoulders and hips mobilized for a good kettlebell workout. You will need a stick approximately five feet long and a light kettlebell.   Stick work on shoulders Thoracic m
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⃞ Swing, Push Press Full Body Workout ⃞
January 30 2016 08:14 PM
Level: Intermediate We are back on the beach today with a push/pull workout of ten rounds of ten reps of each, a push and a pull. Today, I will be taking Casey through the ten rounds of this workout using a two handed kettlebell swing and
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