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HIIT Tabata Kettlebell Workout

HIIT Tabata Kettlebell Workout:

Thank you for joining me today at Kettlebell Movement for a high intensity interval workout – tabata style! High intensity interval training can be done many different ways and today we’re training tabata. Tabata is high intensity performing a maximal exertion effort for 20 seconds on, 10 seconds of rest, for eight rounds totaling four minutes. I like this particular method because it really holds you accountable and always seems to be just the right amount of time before complete exhaustion sets in.


I will be using a heavy kettlebell and performing full body explosive lifts. I know it sounds like a lot of reps, but honestly, you won’t be doing a ton of reps each twenty second interval. On three of the four rounds you will be switching hands. For this reason, the overall fatigue shouldn’t be too intense and you can feel free to work with a heavier bell. The two handed swings might get your grip going after a while, but that’s the nature of kettlebell training!

High intensity interval training

Remember, tabata is:

20 seconds work
10 seconds rest
8 rounds
4 minutes total

Round One
Two Handed Kettlebell Swing

Use your medium-heavy bell and swing with excellent technique. I have a lot of information out there to help you perfect this move. I hope you’ve used it before you begin this workout.

Round Two
One Handed Kettlebell Clean

Switch hands every thirty seconds, make sure you rack the bell properly with each rep. Again, use excellent technique.

Round Three
Push Press

Switch hands every thirty seconds, try to move the bell in a straight up and down movement. Feel free to jerk the bell if you are able to. I often say push press as a generic term because many people aren’t quite ready for the jerk.

Round Four


Switch hands every thirty seconds, this ballistic snatch is the pinnacle of kettlebell lifting and will finish this workout off very nicely.


If you happened to notice, the view of the ocean was much nicer in the final round, we had some issues with our audio and had to reshoot the last round the next day. I ended up performing that final round twice, but I guess I had plenty of time to rest in between! As I mentioned in the video, this isn’t a highly technical workout and therefore it can be performed by a beginner. If you are a highly experienced practitioner this workout can still push you to your limits by moving up in weight. I hope you enjoy the session, you can expect to be sore just about everywhere from this workout.

Peter Hirsh

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  • Helena Feb 17,2018 at 4:28 am

    Best kettlebell workout I’ve come across, would love to see more.

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