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The Kettlebell Order

Kettlebell training isn’t easy. Not only is it physically very demanding, but it also requires a great deal of body awareness that is usually only achieved through many months or years of practice. If you have a history in dance, martial arts or other skilled physical activity you will take to kettlebell training much more […]

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⃞ Footloose ⃞

This is a feel good recovery workout that will make you feel loosened up but also quite strong and grounded, at least thats how I felt after I filmed it This workout six rounds of bodyweight movements, the first four use no equipment at all, the final two use a yoga ball, if you don’t […]

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Fast & Furious

Nothing fancy here, just grinding through the basics like a machine. This is kettlebell training at it’s best, maxing out your muscles, lungs and willpower in twenty minutes and getting it done. In this workout, I use a medium-heavy bell that will keep the pace a little bit slower and force me to focus. Start […]

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The Punisher

This workout will build strength, flexibility and endurance as I take you through eight variations of the squat, with some upper body lifting added in for variety. For this workout I will be using a kettlebell, a barbell and also a resistance band, if you don’t have all of these items don’t worry, you can […]

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What is Kettlebell Training?

It’s interesting how certain activities can gather momentum and develop a unique culture and infamy. Kettlebell training is no different and is a prime example of how people can make something bigger than it is by turning it into a new belief system, complete with disciples and followers. When this happens, invariably, a rift will […]

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Discipline Vs. Motivation

I have been teaching health to people for over twelve years both one on one and in groups and in that time I have gained some very valuable experience. I think that some of the most significant experiences I have had in my career are those that I would never have expected to be so […]

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7 Kettlebell Mistakes Everyone Makes‏

The art of kettlebell training, or strongperson training, is a practice that must be developed over time and as my mentor says, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect”. These days, it is more commonly referred to as functional training which is a slightly larger scope than strongman, or what I call strongperson. Functional […]

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