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What Does Paleo Have To Do With Kettlebells?

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It is no secret that the kettlebell community, regardless of philosophy, be it hard style, girevoy sport, or crossfit, have come to embrace the Paleo diet en masse. What is it about these two lifestyle choices that makes them draw the same crowd?

They both bring us back to our primal roots, when we ate, moved and lived in sync with nature and our own biology.

In my experience, these likeminded people also incorporate other lifestyle and health choices, many of which defy conventional logic. Meditation to ease anxiety and depression, direct sunlight (without sun block) to heal and prevent disease, avoidance of EMF for various reasons, and “grounding” or walking barefoot on the bare earth, all come to mind.

Moving in a more primal direction to achieve health makes sense, as our biology has become uniquely adapted for an environment that is very different than that which we find ourselves in today. By adopting a philosophy of working with nature, not against it, we not only create health as individuals, but also promote health on a global scale. In doing so, we can become more aligned with our core values and in turn, become even healthier and promote that to our children.

Since the rise in popularity of the Paleo lifestyle and functional training, we have seen thousands of products that have come to market with the same shared ideals. Grass fed and pasture raised meats are available everywhere, you can buy deodorant made of dirt, shoes that fit your individual toes (I have owned about ten pairs myself).

From personal to pet care, the followers of a primal lifestyle have changed the landscape of marketing, and forever effected the goods that are available at almost every related retailer.

I think the one common thread amongst all of the Primal practitioners is that despite the many masters you will learn from along the way, you must walk your own path and become your own master. What works for someone else may not work for you, what inspires one may discourage another. Even within hard style and girevoy sport kettlebell training, there are alternate theories and various things being focused on by the coaches and practitioners.

The Paleo diet also gives you a lot of room to do what works best for you, some people need more carbs than others, some people need more meat and fat.

The most important thing you can do is remember that you have to captain your own ship, be your own master. No one else can listen and respond to your body and no one else can hold you to account for your health but you. One of my mentors always says, “Don’t look up to your masters, look through them”
Take a moment to ask yourself what things do you do in your day, many of them automatically, to embrace the primitive being inside of you?
How do the help you with your mental state or your physical health?
What practices have you developed along the way that you would love to share with others to help them achieve a level of health or happiness that you have found?
Which of your healthy primal habits are you the most grateful for?

Join Kettlebell Movement for our free challenge, Primal Summer, where we are going to incorporate a paleo lifestyle through all levels of health to help you feel + look good this summer!

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