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I just got back from an awesome conference in Austin, TX: Paleo F(x) 2017 and have a lot to share in the way of knowledge and insight. Today I am going to talk a little bit about the overall experience and also the kind of people that were teaching along side me and speaking at the event. I was fortunate enough to have some lengthy conversations with some very insightful people including “The Paleo Mom” Sarah Ballentyne, NY times best-selling author Robb Wolf, Dr. Michael Ruscio (an encyclopedia of gastro-inestinal knowledge;) and also master of kettlebell sport, Mike Salemi, to name a few.

I will share with you more details about what’s new in ancestral health in the coming weeks.

There was something else going on at the conference, something that I saw profoundly when I went to the conference last year as well.

Everywhere you looked, there were people relentlessly pursuing their dreams. This conference attracts dreamers and entrepreneurs, the modern day hunters that see what they want and pursue it using all of their strongest attributes. The ones who seem to know exactly what they want and how to obtain it, the ones that stick to their power zone and rely on others to help with their success; leaders that know how to and aren’t afraid to delegate. The energy is infectious.

I have always been compelled to do my own thing and to understand the purpose and function of everything I, or we as a society do. I want to know where my food comes from, where my taxes are being spent, what causes I am unwittingly supporting when I vote with my dollar, and even my labor when I apply for a job.

I struggle to act on anything until I understand what it is I am getting into, sometimes to a fault, but it is a direct result of the highly deceptive world we live in. It’s very easy to buy a product, support a cause or even go to work for a company that has sacrificed ethics for profits. In a fast-moving world, we often don’t have the time to research every company we do business with, both directly and indirectly. Furthermore, if you had a serious ethical problem with the practices of oil companies, would it compel you to never purchase gasoline, or even any products purchased or created with the use of fossil fuels?  If you chose that path, you would also find it very difficult to influence future generations for the greater good as you would be unable to travel, use a computer, a telephone, and even eat anything but foraged food.

So there are sacrifices that need to be made, while still maintaining and understanding of the impact of all of your decisions on the rest of the world. You will need to come to terms with the fact that sometimes we can effect more change and have a greater impact, even if it means having an ethical concern with a certain practice in which we must engage or do business with a certain company.

Air travel, for example, is the single most significant thing we as individuals can do to impact climate change. This means that we should take a great deal of consideration when we fly and not take advantage of having free time or money and think before we book those tickets.

It also means that we should be very grateful for the opportunities that we are given and always strive to improve the quality of life for future generations as we partake in the finite treasures harnessed within our home.

But if we were to choose never to fly anywhere because we don’t like where the oil comes from, we would be unable to directly share our energy and expertise with those that need it most. We would be unable to collaborate as a group of like-minded individuals, scattered across the globe, all fighting for a common vision of greater good.

For people that are concerned about these things, I think the opacity of the line between what they perceive as “right and wrong” can sometimes make good people feel conflicted, even hypocritical.

This has a tremendous impact on self-worth and can suffocate your dreams. 

Everyone deserves to pursue a dream. Stronger men than I have met their death due to nothing more than having their dreams stolen from them, for one reason or another. I also know that the size of your dream and your dedication and desire to see it fulfilled is directly related to your self-worth. 

If I have a goal in my life to have a positive impact and influence the world for the greater good then I have to start within. I must come to terms with hypocrisy, chaos and disorder, I have to understand I can be flawed and yet, at the same time, also be a genuinely awesome person. This is something I wish for everyone, so that they can develop the iron clad will and eventually the vision to create and follow their dream. 

You will have to be willing to fall and get back up, we know this and it sounds cliche, but it has to be inserted here if for no other reason than full disclosure. You may not like the way your voice sounds or how you look on camera, you may not think you are tall enough, muscular enough or have enough Facebook friends…you may not think anyone will listen to you.

Ignore this and remember, virtuous actions will always be rewarded. For this reason it is essential that you don’t assume you know how to dream.

I’m not talking about sleeping here. I’m saying, don’t take for granted that you know how to sit down with yourself and visualize the impact you would like to have for the greater good of the world with clarity and understanding, as it can be extremely difficult to do.

I honestly believe this mistake causes well-intentioned people to follow a path with relentless dedication that was not actually best suited for them. It can also cause people to follow a dream that was initiated by ego, not loving awareness, compassion or a desire to end future suffering. When this happens, often times people don’t listen to the dreamer and the universe doesn’t reward them, leaving the person feeling as though all of their efforts are futile. This is not necessarily the case, it is just the intention that needs to be revisited and the dream reborn.

If you begin by clearing out the mental and emotional baggage that has been holding you back from pursuing your dream in the first place, you will be well on the way to finding your true calling in life, and remember, it is never too late.

By knowing yourself you will know your gift and if you contemplate your intentions and know they are true then you must not let anything prevent you from acting. Acting in correspondence with your gift, with pure intentions is your single greatest opportunity to be the change you wish to see in the world.

The rewards you receive for this may not even be what you expect, but they will be significant. 

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